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What is InMutual?

InMutual is the tried-and-tested, innovative professional events and community (evcom) app that provides the support of expensive paid for apps; but with added functionality around networking and engagement, enhancing your delegates and sponsors experience.

What does InMutual do for my business?

InMutual provides the “wrap around” support and format that all professional events and communities need, and that delegates and sponsors are coming to expect. Your delegates and sponsors will have easy access to the key information needed to create a successful event. Unlike other apps delegates and sponsors will also be able to discover new connections and networking opportunities enhancing still further their event experience. InMutual accommodates all types and sizes of events within the app’s architecture and as part of the service your business can examine trends, KPIs and discover insights that become more apparent over time and with use especially across a portfolio of events. As a client you will also have (fee based) access to our fast-growing membership database, helping you generate incremental business opportunities through marketing and polling.

How easy is it to use?

1. Simply contact us or NL: NL: +31 (0)20 220 2198 UK: +44 (0) 2032878172

2. Select your event(s) add content and event branding including event introduction, venue details, agenda, speaker profiles*

3. Send invites to your delegates, sponsors and exhibitors to download the free app from the App and Google Play Store or use the desktop version

Why do delegates and sponsors love InMutual?

InMutual is the only events app a delegate will ever need. Not only is all the important information about an event easily accessed but connections, conversations, networking opportunities and the delegates complete event attendance history are also stored on one familiar easy to use app.

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